In project environments, both internal and external , prevail the respect of craft techniques, original products and the taste that defies time and fashion . In this perspective comes a company that uses advanced technologies to streamline processes for which the manual is not adequate, but with the sole purpose of giving a truer interpretation of the artifact that perhaps best represents the work of man.

We have created a technique that gives the surface of the stone finish lived and that, as covered with a natural patina, will remain forever.

The collection that we present, consists of functional and decorative elements at the same time, comes from inspiration, research and intention to transform and bring stone materials for the design and implementation of particularly welcoming. The innumerable combinatorial possibilities of color and size offerings, gives ample space to create custom designs.

Forms and borders are in fact all the thick calibrated thickness, making installation easy, fast and practical both in new buildings, both in restructuring, both in environments that already exist. From entrance to the kitchen, from the living room to the hall, from bathroom to space thermal, from patio to the pool, professional's project and true lovers dreams become reality in the flooring and coatings habitat and hosting of public servant.

Columns and capitals, stairs and railings, fireplaces and fountains, architectural and figurative are carrying out this work of man that arouses emotions ancient.

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